Friday, June 27, 2008

To the West, For One Night

Chances are pretty good that you're about as burned out as I am, and maybe more. Part of my weekend remedy for that will be spending Saturday evening (June 28) at The Kent Stage with the decidedly cowboyish Riders in the Sky. Most folks know them from their various contributions to Disney collections..."Woody's Roundup" is probably one most folks can sing. But they've got quite a little recording history and are the rootin'-ist, tootin'-ist Grammy winners any side of Texas.

If you don't really want to see the Indiana Jones movie a third time, lasso your friends or family and bring 'em out for a night with the Riders. Their job is to make sure you all have a durn good time with their brand of fine music makin' in the tradition of Gene Autry and Roy Rogers.
Saddle up and come on down to The Kent Stage for the 8 p.m. show! Maybe we can hit the waterin' hole after.

Riders in the Sky


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