Saturday, May 31, 2008

Starlight on the Rails

When I wasn't looking and we all had our heads in the pond last week, beloved folk legend Utah Phillips took his leave, passed away in his sleep.

This American has left such a legacy that I can't really begin to write about it here. The hole left by his loss is enormous, but he certainly did his part to make sure we all had plenty to work with when it came his time to go. His recorded stories and his countless songs are golden. Most of them are downright high-larious. There are few today who can approach that style.
There is much to choose from, and you probably know a good many songs, but I'm just going to share this version of a favorite of mine, Green Rolling Hills of West Virginia.
However I suggest you also listen to this track, a story called Amtrack, about an old rail hobo. Truer it is, funnier it is.
Off to line my pockets with rubber so as I can steal soup.


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