Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Happy Bluegrass Month

My good friend Pie alerted me last week that May is Bluegrass Month, according to the good folks at Rounder Records. She sent me a link that darn near derailed my day with a fun video you can watch here. If you can get past the shameless (not Shameless) plugs for Amazon.com, it's a lot of fun. And what the heck, Amazon has downloads of those great releases featured on that page for a mere 9 bucks. I do believe I can hear Amazon callin'.

I'm particularly excited by new releases from The Steeldrivers, Sierra Hull, Blue Highway, and the Grascals. Check 'em all out at Amazon and be sure to visit all the artists' web sites to learn where you can hear the real thing this summer.

Also visit the Rounder site here for an introduction to Sierra Hull.



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