Tuesday, June 19, 2007

What Are Friends For?

Well, no wonder I'm not getting much done. Being technologically challenged is hard enough. But in a world where all of my favorite artists have these MySpace .... thingies....well, it just adds to the pressure. The pressure to produce new articles, the pressure to make friends, the pressure to embrace a new technology and use it to further my cause, the pressure to keep up with a world of technology and social networking that I'm just not ready to handle!

I remember when MySpace first kind of took off. Now, it's like a madness. Even my nieces have MySpace pages. Ok, even I have one now, not because I love to indulge in social networking on the Web, but because every single one of my favorite artists has a MySpace page. Most of them are in my extended network of 3,246,921,805,02 MySpace users. At some point, it became clear that if I didn't get on this bandwagon before it passed me by, I'd have a pretty big gap in my bluegrass friend file.

Personally, I wish I understood how life got to this point. I feel like as a society we've largely reconfigured the human connection to something remote, electronic, finite, distant -- and to some degree, safe. At the same time, we've made it a smaller world. Heck, even Jamie Dailey is in my extended network! The chance to directly promote specific artists or developments is neat, so I'm not giving up. Still experimenting. But it is still a huge learning curve -- especially since I'm not sure I'm ready to quit all my jobs in order to manage my various Bluegrass Pimping Web Sites. I'd much rather be visiting each of these bands in person or hearing their shows, but since I can't be in two places at once, MySpace does kind of bridge that gap.

Progress, or something like it, moves toward us at a pace virtually unimagined by our forebears. As I struggled to reply to a text message sent by my 12 year old son from camp nearly four hours from home, I realized it's time to get over the whole tech thing. No way to beat 'em, so I gotta join 'em. And I suppose it's kind of cool that people who visit my page get smacked with a taste of some of my favorite artists, including some local folk.

If you stop by my own space, you can enjoy a spectacular rendition of one of my favorite all-time tunes, an old Bill Monroe piece called Jerusalem Ridge. I love this song, because it's like in four pieces. I've been trying to learn it for a couple months now. So I was really tickled by Casey Driessen's version. Of course, you can visit his Space, hear more tunes, and find out whether you're in his extended network!


At June 21, 2007 12:17 AM, Anonymous Fearless Heart said...

I tried it out but gave it up. Too much spam, too many GROSS ads and too many egregious security issues. In short, too much BS.

At June 21, 2007 5:54 AM, Blogger Mando Mama said...

Hey Fearless,
Yeah, I know. I'm not sure what the point is, yet, except to open a new portal to trouble. So I'm still experimenting.

GRascals are coming to Ohio end of July for the Musicians Against Childhood Cancer gig. We're gonna try to go.

At June 21, 2007 1:34 PM, Blogger Blueberry said...

The ads are off the scale annoying, and lots of the profiles are too (many are laughably ugly but at least I get a laugh out of it), but I still love surfing around listening to music. You can always start your surf on my page, click on some of my "Friends", keep clicking and eventually you'll probably find everybody you'd like to find -- band and artist-wise.

At June 21, 2007 2:17 PM, Blogger Shameless Agitator said...

i'm trying myspace and facebook, with the privacy controls all set to HIGH, meaning that only my friends can see my profile.

i just don't understand it. but at least i've been able to learn about it. knowledge is power?


At June 21, 2007 8:38 PM, Blogger Mando Mama said...

Hi there,

That's the key, I think. For now, I'm willing to put up with the over-the-top ads and really bad profiles to weave my way through the music -- and throw it up there for others to try. Knowledge is at least knowledge, if not power. Maybe what I'm going for is mere social relevancy where the music is concerned. In fact if you take a look at Blueberry's myspace -- it's real, every body has a myspace. All my favorite bands (most of whom are on my site) and all her favorite bands and all the ones that cross over, well, it's kind of an odd way of graphing the social network of acoustic/roots/Americana music today. Sort of a tipping point kind of deal. Although this damn myspace thing must just about be all the way tipped if I'm on there, for sure!

Thanks friends ;-)

At June 21, 2007 9:47 PM, Anonymous Fearless Heart said...


To avoid looking like a n00b, delete that "tom" jerk from your friends list...

At June 22, 2007 7:10 AM, Blogger Mando Mama said...

LOL! I did! I keep moving him to the back of the line and he keeps moving himself around, lol!

At June 22, 2007 10:01 AM, Blogger Blueberry said...

Oh yes, delete Tom! ;-)


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