Thursday, June 28, 2007

New Music from the King

....King Wilkie, that is.

I neglected to pimp Low Country Suite last week leading up to its Tuesday release but last night I finally broke down and added it to my collection.

King Wilkie is young and packed with talent, much of it gone unappreciated here in these parts. I've seen them now twice at the Beachland which clearly is not the venue for them. They were scheduled to appear with Mary Chapin Carpenter on her 07 tour, but those dates were all canceled due to her illness. I hear tell they might be up this way later this summer, but Cleveland is a tough go for them.

This tune is one of my favorites from the release. Like a wrecking ball, reality can sometimes come crashing through one's pretty constructs and rearrange everything. A lot of the time it's because we're not paying attention -- or, we're refusing to see that big wrecking ball on its back swing winding up straight for our penthouse window. Rarely does it hit us as a complete surprise, although that does happen too.

So enjoy this one called Wrecking Ball. It'll get you moving, that's for certain. And get out to see these guys whenever you can. They are fabulous.


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