Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Who, Me? Let It Snow?

The holidays are in full bloom at my house. After a weekend spent shopping, scheming, and greening, Christmas is unavoidably barrelling down the track, but in a merry way. In spite of myself, I can't help but feel festive. Wrapping presents with the kids (who, I must say, have gotten quite proficient at it, making it a lot less work and a lot more merry for me), laying in evergreen wherever I have a bare surface, and trimming Harold, our foster Christmas tree, have brought an un-yule-sually happy feeling I wasn't expecting. I'm actually looking forward to Christmas.

Now, I always have loved Christmas, but this year as you've seen in posts past, I just wasn't getting in the spirit. So the spirit came over me, in particular yesterday when a blast of Arctic weather meant a snow day for the kids. It meant postponing my son's concert to tomorrow night, but they had a nice break, my daughter took a three hour nap, and I got to go to work, which meant hanging out with some fine folks at the Cleveland Botanical Garden and getting a sneak preview of the holiday Gingerbread House show.

As we watched the snow come down, the first real storm of the season, I felt not dread for a change, but a little like a kid again myself. And I think that's something the holidays bring to us, that feeling of ridiculous hope and goodwill despite all, despite the horrible mess our economy is in, despite the war that shouldn't have been, despite the campaign (did anyone SEE the Republican debate last week? Did Alan Keyes look as crazy as he sounded??), despite gas prices. Turn up the fireplace, mix up a batch of hot chocolate with a little kick, and let it snow!

Here to put you in the mood for that online holiday retail and mixing up those cookies (I do at least owe my kids their Scotch Cookies and thumbprints) is the marvelous Sam Bush with his rendition of Let It Snow, featured on the 2003 compilation "A Very Special Acoustic Christmas".

Jingle, jangle!


At December 18, 2007 10:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So glad the spirit of the holiday found you, or you found it--even if it is "in spite of yourself!"

Much love,


At December 19, 2007 6:49 AM, Blogger Mando Mama said...

It's true, as weary as I am of the day to day that shows no hope of letting up, I feel the twinkle even if it isn't showing yet in my eyes. It's just impossible for me to be gloomy this time of year, let alone for very long any other time of year. That is good fortune.

At December 19, 2007 3:18 PM, Blogger Shameless Agitator said...

Mando, There's something about being stuck at home because of the snow that I find very freeing too. It frees me from obligations and I have to just be, play games with the girls, and enjoy life.

I put up a photo of our tree this year. Check it out. It's so gaudy! Our family Xmas is three days before "the" day, so it is sneaking up on me. I even caught myself humming a carol this week...

I hope you and the kids can come down for a visit, maybe over break? Time for Channel 47 @ 11 part three!

Merry New Year!



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