Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Say Darlin', Is it 2007, or 1864?

Just wanderin' around on the Tube, and desiring a bit of music, I stumbled across this vid while looking for Rayna Gellert.

These young players are pretty damn good. They're having fun, passing time in a good old fashioned way with a good old tune, one of my favorites.

When you look at these young faces, what do you see? When you listen and watch, is it two college kids you see, or a couple of boy soldiers, settin' around at camp outside Gettysburg or Manassas?

Mahler and Beethoven can be thrilling. I love my old stadium standbys like U2 and REM and Dave Matthews. No one plays sax like the late great John Coltrane. And it's true that a Bach concerto or cantata raises my pulse in a mighty way.

But the timeless marching on of this elemental musical experience is what holds me fastest of all.


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