Friday, January 08, 2010

Winter's Come and Gone (if only)

Clearly I am getting back into this blogging thing in fits and starts. I suppose it's better than none at all, and it feels fun when I do finally set myself down and write a word or two.

Not seven or eight feet away is a heap of Christmas lights on my floor, and the cruel winter wind is howling outside my window. But I got distracted. Some of you who are parents may be familiar with the children's books based on a little mouse..."If You Give A Mouse a Cookie," "If You Make a Pig a Pancake" and so forth. Well, I'm a bit like that little mouse. I had Donna Hughes in the CD player, and started singing. Then I started trolling the web for Donna Hughes. When I found a short vid of Donna Hughes at an IBMA showcase, then I wanted to see all the videos for IBMA showcases. When I saw the IBMA showcases, I saw a video for Dailey and Vincent. When I played the Dailey and Vincent IBMA performance from the last IBMA I attended, I got curious about a list my friend Dr. Don and my neighbor both mentioned about the Top Ten Bluegrass Albums of 2009. When I remembered that, I wanted more Dailey and Vincent, who made the list with their second Rounder release, "Brothers from Different Mothers." And then I wanted a song from the CD to share with all of you.

Today was the first snow day of the year -- and it was a big disappointment. My daughter was desperate for her first night of skiing, but with school canceled, no ski club. And while the wind is howling and we did get fairly pounded with snow last night, there's little swirling around now. Just the cold and the drear as the Christmas lights lay in a heap on the floor.

But this little old much recorded tune will warm you right up. Dailey and Vincent are tops in harmony singing; I've often said here and elsewhere that Jamie Dailey has one of the most beautiful voices anywhere let alone in Bluegrass. Paired with Darrin Vincent (Rhonda's brother), they really have hit the mark. This probably explains how they swept the IBMA awards in 2008.

Enjoy this short, sweet little tune, "Winter's Come and Gone," something most of us can only dream of. And if you have the chance to catch this duo, you won't be disappointed. And if you hear Dailey and Vincent, you'll probably want a little more bluegrass. And if you want more bluegrass, feel free to circle right back here and check out some of the older postings on this blog.


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