Thursday, March 06, 2008

I Don't Eat Much Meat...

...but, I do love me some Cow.

I do believe that, having been on my recent Newgrass Revival kick, one of the reasons I've been on that jag is John Cowan's singing. Yes, he had a big hair period, like in this YouTube vid of NGR doing a fun tune called, Can't Stop Now . Yes, he plays electric. But John Cowan is one of the most genuine and open artists I've ever had the pleasure to hear live. He just is unafraid to connect with you when he is delivering one of his signature ballads. I can tell you, from about three rows back, it's harder to pretend it doesn't get to you. It does. This is a very real person.

After the last couple days I was feeling kind of like I had become out of sync with the universe again. I don't really mind, I'll fall back into a rhythm at some point, but it's been a disorienting week. The political nature of the week has left me feeling a little disappointed. We had a fire in our building yesterday so we've spent the last two days trying to work in a smoke-damaged environment, HUGE air cleaning fans in our office that made so much noise that it was like trying to make calls from underneath Niagra Falls. Big things, little things. I am so tired of Hillary Clinton's voice that if I had a choice, I'd pick the HEPA air machines.

Then I read this. And this. And that's it. "Pick something and be of service."

That's all I'm sayin. That's all.

It reminds me of that old saw, what is it? Oh, somethin' 'bout "not what our country can do for your but what we can do for our country." Whoever made that up must have been just plum crazy, don't you think?

We are the heirs of the first revolution. In fact I have a distant ancestor who played a small but pivotal role in that revolution, and maybe that's why I'm not interested in hearing some of the rhetoric that while perhaps true now, does not have to remain true tomorrow. Do the ones who ride the back of the tiger always end up inside today? Not as often as they should. So we tame the tiger, that's all. Take the fun out of the ride. Give the rider some perspective.

So. I've gotta get a good night's sleep and start over. I've gotta step aside and take a breath, a clean breath, and round the corner.

(Thanks, Cow, for all the music, for your music, your way.)


At March 07, 2008 8:26 AM, Blogger Shameless Agitator said...

Wise words, Mando. Sometimes you are at your best when you are tiptoeing around the elephant in the room. Thanks for making me think, and more important, smile.


At March 07, 2008 8:21 PM, Blogger Mando Mama said...

Shameless, you don't know how close I came to using that very turn of phrase...I tiptoe around it because it feels like 95 percent of the time, I'm the only one who sees it. I am weary. But, not too weary. Yet.


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