Sunday, February 24, 2008

New Year, New Lineups

Last night my kids and I ventured out to catch Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver at their regular hitchin' post in Wadsworth. As late as we arrived (we all found ourselves stuck on a late-afternoon movie), the OJ Work Auditorium was busy but not nearly as packed as Doyle's shows in the past. It wasn't until partway through the second set, when the band was ribbing departed band member Jamie Dailey, who kicked off a new venture with Darrin Vincent last fall, that it occurred to me whether the new lineup had anything to do with the lighter turnout. My kids and I had perfect seats on the end of the last row in the back of the auditorium main floor, and there were lots of seats in rows ahead of us but less convenient to accommodate a wiggly seven-year-old.

The show was terrific despite the band's recent round of influenza that left several members with bronchitis. Both sets were cough-free and fabulous with the fairly new (except for guitarist Darren Beachley, the entire band had turned over since last October), and fairly young, lineup: Carl White on bass, Joey Cox on banjo, Darren Beachly on high tenor vocals and guitar, Josh Swift on dobro, and Alan Johnson on Fiddle. During the second set there were several acapella gospel numbers that really showed off the talent of this group vocally. Tie it all together with the band's traditional style and signature goofing off and it's a great evening.

The moderate crowd that did turnout enjoyed some of the bands oldies but goodies. The second set opened with this one, one of my favorites, Mis'ry River. It appeared on a number of releases but here's one you might want to pick up. It's a compilation called Cool, Blue, and Lonesome: Bluegrass for the Broken-Hearted. It's got some great tracks from bluegrass music's finest.

If you get a chance to see DLQ during their upcoming travel, you'll be glad you did. And break up your winter with a little live bluegrass music wherever you are. No reason to sail Mis'ry River if you don't have to.


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