Sunday, March 04, 2007

Kids, You Think YOUR Chores Are Rough?

Homework at our houses is increasing, and most American kids have more homework today than we ever did at their age. Even my first grade daughter has an hour of homework a night, with lots of writing. Generally I think that's pretty cool. But it doesn't stop kids from complaining.

If it's not homework, then the chores get the whine factory running. I spent part of the weekend removing refuse from my kids' rooms (what they don't know won't hurt 'em a bit, and I didn't toss anything that might be missed, honest), and I hear tell they also spent some time at their dad's doing the same. No matter how many times we ask them, order them, remind them to clean their rooms, there is still an entire world that lives under their beds. I just hope I don't owe taxes on it.

Now if you're a CHerryholmes, you might have a few more chores. In fact, if your kids take to complaining, you might have them watch this video of Molly Kate and BJ having a run at Orange Blossom Special.
My son and I saw Cherryholmes for the first time last year at IBMA and they played this number as an encore. I was breathless and I'm pretty sure my son's eyes popped out of his head. This family band really is something to hear and watch. When I get to whining about how much I have to do, I'm gonna think about Sandy Lee Cherryholmes sewing all that concert gear, and shut the heck up.

Cherryholmes is part of the Friday line up at the Southern Ohio Indoor Music Festival March 30 and 31 in Wilmington, Ohio. I'll blog more on that soon but for more information now visit the fest's site by clicking on the link or .

Ok kids, you can watch this but then it's back to your homework!


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