Saturday, March 03, 2007

Taste A Little Summer

Today I have been engaged in what could actually be called spring cleaning. I've gotten rid of what seem like a fair number of bags of crap, laundered a great many extra things, and taken a large load of recycling to the bins. I even had my car washed -- a sure sign that more snow is on the way, but for the moment, it's a treat.

In the process, I have been loading more music into my iTunes library. I have arguably scads and scads of cds. It's actually not even funny. The vast majority of my recordings have not been added to my library. None of my classical recordings have been uploaded. I have miles to go.

It's been an interesting little trip delving into my collection. I've let some of my favorites sit on the sidelines for whatever reason. It's time to bring them back and enjoy them again.

One of my favorite singer songwriters is Greg Brown. In addition to being one of our most treasured troubadours, he's also married to Iris Dement, which is just so damn cute. Anyway, the Iowa-born and bred Brown has a wonderful perspective, a poignant voice, and a disarming look about him, like he's about to go out for the paper in his black socks and slippers. But his wonderful songs have been celebrated and sung over and over. Once they get into your blood, they're impossible, really, to dislodge.

Kind of like, winter in Ohio. But not if you have some Canned Goods on hand.

I'm gonna get back to my project. Enjoy the vid and the tune.

Canned Goods

Well let the wild winter wind bellow and blow
I'm as warm as a July tomato
There's peaches on the shelf, potatoes in the bin
Supper ready, everybody come on in
Taste a little of the summer
Taste a little of the summer
Taste a little of the summer
Grandma put it all in jars
Well there's a root cellar, fruit cellar down below
Watch your head now, and down we go
[repeat chorus]
Well maybe you are weary and you don't give a damn
I bet you never tasted her blackberry jam
[repeat chorus]
Oh she got magic in her, you know what I mean
She puts the sun and rain in with her beans
[repeat chorus]
What with the snow and the economy and everything
I think I'll just stay down here and eat until spring
[repeat chorus]
When I go down to see Grandma, I gain a lot a weight
With her dear hands she gives me plate after plate
She cans the pickles, sweet and dill
And the songs of the whip-or-will and the morning dew and the evening moon
I really gotta go down and see her soon
Cause the canned goods that I buy at the store
Ain't got the summer in em anymore
You bet Grandma as sure as you're born I'll take some more potatoes and
a thunder storm


At March 05, 2007 6:00 AM, Blogger MichaelBains said...

It wasn't so good as all that, but spending yesterday with my family wasn't so bad. It did feel a little bit like summer. :)


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