Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Stuff I Want

Lately there's a buzz about "stuff". I love Dr. Don's adventure story of finding the perfect surround sound, and little black cube's tales of covetousness. We all got stuff we WANT, baby.

A dear friend of mine is planning a hoot of a 40th for herself, in Las Vegas. Now, I gotta tell ya, I am not a gambler, but this sounds like fun. She and Shannon have been dutifully priming a couple of us to understand what we can expect in the City of Sin. Ooooh, just the NAME makes me think, "I should do this."

And because it's someone I love dearly, I hope I can find a way. But it won't be for the gambling, that's for sure. Ahead of even a $3 craps table are the following items, in no particular order, on the list of things I'd throw disposable income if I had any:

1) More music. Now that I've discovered iTunes, I could be in trouble.
2) A banjo.
3) Lessons (ok, I'm actually planning to do this, so maybe it doesn't count.)
4) A new sound system - duh.
5) A better mandolin. The quality of the instrument really does make a huge difference in the sound and quality of playing. Even mine.
6) Someone to clean my house, REALLY clean it, every two weeks.
7) Traveling, although this would require time off, which I also don't have.
8) A better all around set-up for my connectivity (it took me three days to download my last addition to my music library), and a new computer for my kids.
9) All kinds of lessons for my kids.
10) Stocking my liquor cabinet. Since I rarely entertain anymore, I'm not sure what the point of this would be, but it seems like it should be standard.

I know in the end, it's not about the stuff. I'm pretty satisfied with my life, and learned long ago that all the stuff in the world won't make a person feel whole, satisfied, or loved. But some of it is pretty darn fun, if I do say so myself.

My kids love this song. If we all had our druthers, I guess life would be more like life on Big Rock Candy Mountain, and we wouldn't have to worry so much about making ends meet, putting bread on the table, and fixing our screens, all that boring stuff. It's fun to daydream.

Big Rock Candy Mountain

One evening as the sun went down and the jungle fire was burning

Down the track came a hobo hiking and he said boys I'm not turning
I'm headin for a land that's far away beside the crystal fountains
So come with me we'll go and see the Big Rock Candy Mountains
In the Big Rock Candy Mountains there's a land that's fair and bright
Where the handouts grow on bushes and you sleep out every night
Where the boxcars are all empty and the sun shines every day
On the birds and the bees and the cigarette trees
Where the lemonade springs where the bluebird sings
In the Big Rock Candy Mountains

In the Big Rock Candy Mountains all the cops have wooden legs
And the bulldogs all have rubber teeth and the hens lay soft boiled eggs
The farmer's trees are full of fruit and the barns are full of hay
Oh, I'm bound to go where there ain't no snow
Where the rain don't fall and the wind don't blow
In the Big Rock Candy Mountains

In the Big Rock Candy Mountains you never change your socks
And the little streams of alcohol come a-trickling down the rocks
The brakemen have to tip their hats and the railroad bulls are blind
There's a lake of stew and of whiskey too
You can paddle all around 'em in a big canoe
In the Big Rock Candy Mountains

In the Big Rock Candy Mountains the jails are made of tin
And you can walk right out again as soon as you are in
There ain't no short handled shovels, no axes saws or picks
I'm a goin to stay where you sleep all day
Where they hung the jerk that invented work
In the Big Rock Candy Mountains
I'll see you all this coming fall in the Big Rock Candy Mountains

Lyrics provided courtesy of Bluegrass Lyrics.Com!


At April 06, 2006 6:32 AM, Blogger littleblackcube said...

Itunes can be E-V-I-L and I must show restraint. Everytime I think "they couldn't possibly have this song" there is it.
Vegas is wonderful, no matter what you like/want/need -- it is there. It can be a little overstimulating, but gambling is low on my list of enjoyable activities and I had a great time. Hope you go.
You have a good list and I am glad to contribute to your covetousness thoughts. Even though I am a staunch supporter of Buynothing day and the whole nologo/anticonsumerist movement, I have to really work at it. It is both enjoyable and important to take the time to really think about the things that we want. Occationally stuff can make us happy when it allows us to get a little closer to ourselves.
Looks like a good bottle of liquor would be the place to start!


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