Friday, March 31, 2006

For the Love of Banjo Clark

Oh, I sure hope Nashphil hasn’t removed the download of this great tune.

One of the few songs I can actually play well on the mando is Old Joe Clark. (There’s a story about why we call it Old Jack Clark at my house, but, that’s another post entirely.) Anyway, I heard Darrell Scott perform this a few weeks ago and WHAT a GREAT song. If you know nothing about the banjo, suffice it to say it came across the pond as the banjar, a popular gourd instrument among African tradition bearers. The tune is actually a very old tune, but the words are not, and it attempts to tell the tale of our beloved banjo.

This version includes fiddler Casey Dreissen and bassist Dennis Crouch, in front of whom I embarrassed myself by dissing him, basically, when I met him last month because I didn’t connect the name DENNIS with CROUCH as in, you MORON, that’s DENNIS CROUCH. Ah, but again, another post for another time.

All I can say is, this time next Saturday night, I’m hoping against hope that the tribulations of Homework World and the insults suffered at the hands of many an unimportant, self-deluded, asshat will fall away long enough for me to enjoy a supreme show by Tim, Dennis, and Casey. Maybe if I show up with a case of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, I’ll be forgiven my previous transgressions.

For you locals: Kent Stage, Saturday, April 8, 8 pm. If nothing else, come meet some of my family and friends, and watch me make a big fool of myself (even more than I have on this blog, I mean).


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