Sunday, March 29, 2009

Get Out There and ....

Busy crazy weekend after a strange and busy week, which ended with a thud as poor Son of Mando contracted The Crud. He is still illin' with a fever and a head cold to beat the band. I'm hoping to hold it off at least a week so I can listen while Yarn Slut and her Pizzie take their vows beside the Gulf. None of us can quite believe the time is here!

But if The Crud catches up with me, I guess I'll just do what I gotta do to do what I gotta do. At some point, we all gotta Get Out There and Dance, just like Tim says in this wonderful little tune from his latest effort, Chameleon. Dancing to this one with Daughter at Tim's solo Wheeling Jamboree appearance last October, watching as she made up her own steps and at how she glowed and giggled for days after she met Tim is what I'll think of when I listen to this song.

Why can't we just all live lightly and see things like an 8 year old kid listening to someone sing a song like it's just for her? Nobody's watchin, nobody cares. Live your life, step by step, to whatever sweet little tune makes you groove.

Get Out There And Dance


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