Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Pickin' on WHO?

In the spirit of my Pickin' On theme this week I thought I'd throw this one out. Readers and listeners will recognize it as one of the main themes in the Ken Russell movie, Tommy featuring Roger Daltry and the music of The Who.

I'll be in Florida the weekend the Rock Hall induction here in Cleveland. I have to say it's an impressive and well-curated place, but I'm glad to be making the journey away for the weekend, or I might be tempted to go down to E 9th and gawk. When I worked downtown, we'd wander over to Tower City and run into famous folks all the time. It was kind of fun but also a little odd. Our world must have seemed strange to them, too.

I have lots of fun memories of watching and deconstructing this movie with my good friends. And it's hard to beat the Who, even the bluegrass version. I don't know what Ann Margaret is doing these days, but my guess is, she's not a big bluegrass fan, like a lot of people. More for us!


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