Thursday, January 15, 2009


What's red, and blue, and keeps you warm on a cold January Ohio evening?

Why, an evening with Tim O'Brien at the bestest venue EVER, the Kent Stage!

Tomorrow night, Friday Jan. 16, 8 p.m. at the Stage on Main in downtown Kent, Tim takes the stage again for a hearty weather-braving audience.

I've been struggling with this all week. Unfortunately, most of the excuses I was making are slowly being deconstructed. Fearless called and twisted my arm on tickets just as I came in the door (although at heart I REALLY wish the show would sell out, because Tim deserves it, and, the last show he did at the stage was durn close). Then, when I mentioned on my Facebook (oh stop!) that we're supposed to have a HIGH of NEGATIVE SIX DEGREES and it might be too cold to drag the kids, two of my friends, SoUncreative and Pie, asked me if the show is outdoors. Ha, ha, ha. Even my sister in law told me I didn't have a good excuse.

So, at the moment, providing my car starts tomorrow and I make it home from work, we're going.

AND SO SHOULD YOU. Kent is a fun little town, and if your car doesn't start you can come home with me or find one of the cute little spots to crash there in town.

Here's one from Tim's latest release, Chameleon, in celebration of the forthcoming REGIME CHANGE ON TUESDAY.

Hope you can make it out tomorrow, or if you can't, you'll cozy up with a good drink, someone to keep you warm, and lots of Tim tunes.

When In Rome


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