Sunday, September 14, 2008

I should be...

...working, or looking over stuff for a shootout we have tomorrow, but I just can't muster the fear. Maybe fear isn't the right word. I think I'm too tired to muster any kind of stage fright. I may feel differently tomorrow when I'm finally sitting across from three board members of one of our local urban universities.

They are looking for a president, and it would be good fun and good work to do that project. Just don't know what the odds are that they'll pick us. I was pretty uninterested in going -- felt like window dressing at first -- but now I'll go if nothing else to support my troops and put in a good word or two about leading the research time assigned to this. Well, if we get it.

And it would be fun to do, really.

But I haven't looked at the information all weekend. Too busy having fun -- went with daughter to The Infamous Stringdusters show Friday night (she picked the best seats in the back with room for her to dance), more Son of Mando birthday fun last night, and just general relaxing and watching the wind blow (and blow, and blow) today and tonight. I don't feel unprepared, just a lot less worried than I thought I would be.

I guess, all things considered, that's ok.

By tomorrow I'm sure I'll feel a bit more worried, edgy, jazzed...more like, this tune, Black Rock, by the Stringdusters, which they played early in the show Friday night. First string break of the evening!

Wish us luck. If the Browns-Steelers game is any indication, if we just play it cool it will turn out ok. (I'm not a Browns fan.)


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