Saturday, August 16, 2008

I Made A Mistake!!

Well, now. I've had a conversation with my son. Evidently, he clearly remembers a conversation over dinner in which he asked about the alternative transportation. Curiously, he also remembers getting what he describes as a fairly emphatic "NO" for an answer. In tracing back over the time frame, it is a conversation that very likely took place at a point when I was dealing with that client I wrote about and strongly considering quitting my job. So it is entirely possible that we did have that conversation, and that I forgot all about it, almost immediately. I probably considered it handled.

I apologized to my son, and left an apology on his father's mobile phone. But what I don't understand is this: I had already given the answer. Why it was asked again as if it had not ever been asked? What was the objective? In the follow up conversations he had with the other adults, did this aspect ever come up?

Mistakes are the way we learn. What I'm learning is that evidently, I need eyes in the back of my head. I am capable of being manipulated, and that people will co-opt that quality in a heartbeat before they'll be honest.



At August 17, 2008 7:51 PM, Anonymous amm said...

Did you use a lot of salt? Because you know, salt makes mistakes taste great. ; )

At August 17, 2008 9:14 PM, Blogger Mando Mama said...

Hee hee! I did! I'm also rebuilding the Parthenon. ;-)

Well, you know Son of Mando. He doesn't miss anything. We had a good talk, and he is definitely "dialed in" based on his observations. Ultimately I've now given him permission with a few quid pro quos. Now we're just eager for school to start -- where did I put that Napoleon Dynamite dvd?


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