Monday, May 08, 2006

Cool Release Tuesday in 3-D

What would the world be like without Casey Driessen? Actually, I don't even want to think about that.

The first time I saw Casey Driessen was my first solo trip to Nashville. I was at the crossroads that eventually let to the decision to end my marriage, and pursue a different life than I had been living. I stayed down off of music row, walked to the city, made myself get to know it a bit. And I dragged my sister and brother in law to the release concert for Tim O’Brien’s Traveler.

After a wonderful dinner, we were primed and ready. We headed on over to The Belcourt Theatre, not sure what to expect, but we were having a lot of fun, and as anyone who’s read any part of this blog for a half-minute, knew we’d enjoy the show because Tim’s music had caught us hook, line, and sinker.

Not only were we not disappointed, but completely enthralled. The lineup was extraordinary – Tim, Kenny Malone, John Doyle, Dirk Powell, and the amazing young fiddleventurer, Casey Driessen.

Watching Casey play is like watching someone else have great….well, ok, how about a religious experience. He refuses boundaries. He is both a highly-talented and well-trained fiddler, and a unique stylist. The influences of his early training still ground him, but he’s unafraid to take fiddle and bow where none has gone before. Readers familiar with the nontraditional sound of Nickel Creek and fiddler Sarah Watkins might have some idea of where Casey leads you. It’s not what you’re expecting, but you won’t mind.

About a month ago my brothers and their families joined me and my kids and friends Lynne and Shannon at The Kent Stage for the Tim O’Brien show (which at this point you should be able to download from When I found out that Casey Driessen was in the lineup, I was ecstatic. It was truly a treat to watch my family fall under his spell, red shoes and all.

I entreat you to give him a listen. This new recording is what some friends have suggested has material of an “acquired taste,” but, based on the help he gets on 3D – including Darrell Scott, Tim O, Jerry Douglas, and Bela Fleck – I am sure it offers one helluva kick. Lord knows I could use that!

Enjoy a tune called Uncle, performed live with Casey, Steve Earle, Tim, Darrell Scott, and bass wizard Dennis Crouch.


At May 10, 2006 7:21 AM, Anonymous Fearless Heart said...

"which at this point you should be able to download"

the key word being "should" (def: "ought to, but not necessarily will.")

I've been going nuts waiting. It will be veddy interesting when "Republican Blues" gets out...


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