Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Cheese Break

Not much time to write tonight, but for all those following the drama, I felt it only fair to announce that "x" was very well behaved at tonight's kindergarden spring program, entitled, "The Cheese Stands Alone." Our darling daughter, dressed in her best pink dress, spent 30 minutes singing with her classmates about a lonely piece of cheese. My son was at home working on homework so there was no buffer (and for those of you who know G.,, no litany of cheese jokes leading up to the program).

We may not agree on many things or see the world much the same way, but where the kids are concerned, I think we're both pretty proud and share in the joy of the accomplishment.

No song tonight! I've been doing paperwork, cleaning, and loading music onto the PC and I'm tuned out, tired, and COLD! I had to break down and turn the heat on again! Back to the music tomorrow with an introduction to a wonderful, and locally hq'd, online music resource for you.

Sleep tight and don't forget to put the chewing gum on the bedpost.



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