Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Big Night Out on Main

Well, what is there to do on a blustery winter night but go out into the snow and hear live music?! Yes, in the driving snow, in almost zero visibility along I-480, yours truly took her children out on a school night, and had one heckuva good old-fashioned string band time.

You've heard me mention The Kent Stage in just about every other post. We decided to make last night a special event, the first live music gig of any real note for my five-year-old daughter. My son is a veteran, and we really had no idea what to expect from her.

And we had no idea what to expect from The Foghorn String Band and The Wilders, two of the finest bands I've heard in a very long time. Old time just does not get any better than this, folks. Throw in some of the honky-tonk of the multi-faceted Wilders, and we listened ourselves silly (ok, sillier, for those who know us).

Far and away the best part of the evening was that we were able to share it together. While my son took the pictures you see here of the bands, my daughter sat with me, mesmerized by the instruments, the style of playing, and the fact that some boys got to talk but others didn't.
"Why are they poor?"
"What makes you think they're poor?"
"Their clothes are old."

"That poor man in back, with the cello, he has to move around a LOT when they play REALLY fast."
"That's a bass."
"No, you mean a cello."

"The man with the guitar is doing a good job. Now he's frowning."

"I hear the mandolin! The man with the mandolin, he sings good too."

"That guitar has its inside out."

"That song didn't have any words but it was named after me!"

And so it went, quietly, until the last note was played and we finally pulled ourselves away and drove back through the snowless Portage County night, to our home, and to sleep, perchance to dream, that nights like this are all we'll ever really need to get by in this crazy world.

Hear what we're talking about, without my daughter's questions, by clicking here:


At January 27, 2006 6:06 AM, Blogger My Boring Best said...

I've said it before... You children are just wonderful and you are a lucky woman to have them in your life. (I am jealous.)

At January 27, 2006 9:17 AM, Blogger Darkneuro said...

Beautiful, MM... Isn't it wonderful taking them out? Kids will say the best things. Sounds like a cool-cool evening :)

At January 27, 2006 1:33 PM, Blogger Mando Mama said...

Jim, you are right, I am very lucky. And so are my kids, to have a friend like Jim-doodle!

Thanks, DN. My mom always told me to write down the stuff my kids said because eventually I'd forget. I should have listened to her! And I have to take them out or I'd never go anywhere! Just kidding. I love bringing them along and exposing all of us to new things. I wish we could travel more. Some hits, some misses, like everything else in life.


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