Friday, December 02, 2005


I was all set to feel warm and cozy tonight, home again with my two great kids and planning to engage in a little holiday prep.

Then, I screwed up.

While I gaily (not gay-ly) strung lights on the tree (alone, for the first time, ever, which in itself is a post for another time), the kids settled in to a holiday movie, "Home Alone 2." I was really hoping for, you know, Rudoph. Frosty. ANYthing. But, ok, another round with the McAllisters.

That was two and a half hours ago.

I hate commercial television.

Out of the likely 90 minutes of film, we suffered through another thirty minutes of incessant, screeching, whoring advertising. And, it's still going. (Not to mention, I ran out of lights and have to go buy another string tomorrow just to finish the last two rows of branches before we can start loading on our ornaments.)

How can people allow themselves to be bombarded with this, with all that they complain about in their lives and all that is going on in the world, when there are so many other worthwhile things to do?

Whew. It's over. Kids are upstairs. TV is off. Victory is mine.

This holiday season, don't stay home and watch ad after ad for KOHLS BEST PRICES OF THE SEASON EVER SALE. Turn off the tv, and turn on someone you love. Or pick up a book. Or an instrument. Or get out, and hear some live music. Live in Northeast Ohio? Here's an option:

Friday, December 16 -- 8:00 PM
The Kent Stage

From their Web site:
Like missionaries from the Mother Church of Country Music, these guys love to spread the word of Hank, Bill, George, Lefty, and Merle. It's "real" country music with plenty of fine singing, crisp and clear instrumental picking, smart original tunes and new spins on classic songs from the masters. Hillbilly Idol reaches back to embrace the traditions of bluegrass, western swing, and honky tonk, and brings them forward to "water the roots" of those traditions today -- and -- they have a great time doing it.

Ya see? How fun is THAT!? Gosh, they even just LOOK like fun. And holy cow, these boys are local! Now get your tails down to The Kent Stage for a fun break from that Johnny Mathis Christmas Album!

Advance discount tickets: $10.00Day of Show: $12.00

Will I see you there?


At December 03, 2005 10:59 AM, Blogger Shannon said...

I agree about getting out but remember, commericial TV is greatly responsible for who I am today, and I'm OK (right, right?)....

At January 27, 2006 7:09 AM, Blogger Carol said...

great band! one on the right is my little bro, and I'm proud of him - see our blog at :-))

At January 27, 2006 9:15 AM, Blogger Mando Mama said...

Carol they are AWESOME. It was a great show. Did you say, "little"?! Thanks for the note on your's beautiful! You're just up the road!


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