Thursday, December 01, 2005

THESE Boys Kick My Bluegr-ass!

Ok, time for a lighter note. Or, more like, an enthusiastic one. It's been a dark, somewhat disappointing week thanks to all the goings on in the world. But, once again, bluegrass saved my blue-ass, and the benefit is yours.

Not long ago, Jim asked if watching a guy with a guitar turned me on. I kinda laughed. I guess I expect any man brave enough to hang around with me for any length of time will know how to play some instrument or another. (For the record, Jim had demonstrated, without fanfare, that he can, apparently, play the guitar.) This is not to say, however, that I don't feel a bit threatened by a man who can sing higher than I can. And in bluegrass, it's possible.

But when I listen to, and sing and play along with, the amazing Lonesome River Band (not to be confused with the Little River Band!), I just don't care! These guys totally blew my socks off at IBMA. My son got to sit right down front, taking in every perfect note. Afterward he picked up the Head on Into Heartache cd and met mando man Jerry Parker who signed it for him.

And Sammy Shelor? There are no words.

But, guitar is nice, too.

Please come to Ohio soon, LRB! (Meanwhile, check them out, y'all. You will NOT be disappointed.)


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