Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Merry Christmas from Doyle's House to Yours

Ok, I was really NOT going to post again this week. I have cookies to bake, presents to wrap, boyfriends to get over, mando tunes to learn, and lies to make up so that my six-year-old believes in Santa just one more Christmas.
But I know that DOYLE is COMING TO OHIO IN APRIL -- April 21 in fact -- and I just couldn't stop myself from checking out his website tonight. So I did, and I learned that the WEBSITE is totally new! It totally kicks my....oh gosh, I can't say that in front of Doyle and Jamie and Terry and, well, my cheeks are red, know what I mean?

If you click on the links above, Doyle and the guys will sing you a really lovely Christmas song.

I was making a CD tonight for my former in-laws. My heart is breaking a bit because my mother in law is very sick, and yes, even though this family is a part of my past, they are all people I love and who will remain connected to me in some way. So because the CD I ordered has not yet arrived I put together a CD and it includes a Doyle piece.

Part of the reason I think this Christmas doesn't feel so Christmasy is that the religious part is kind of gone for me. But the spirit of Christmas that brings us together and helps us to set aside differences is starting to take hold. And there will always be a part of me that responds to a shout out from the gospel side of things.

Please go to Doyle's Web site and enjoy a sweet little holiday tune. It's kind of bluesy but it's heartfelt. I just love these guys, regardless of what they believe. You know why? Because they go beyond. Their lives are on the road--that can't be perfect. But they blend their voices and put their all into sharing music with all the rest of us, and that is really something.

Doyle Lawson has been at this work a really long time. Thanks, Doyle, and can't wait to see you and the band at the O.J. Work Auditorium in Wadsworth Ohio in April 2007.

For the rest of us, it appears there is some sort of Garrison Keillor gig featuring DLQ on New Year's Eve in Nashville, along with the Grascals, and if you haven't already developed a crush on those guys, I can help you with that. I am willing to do the driving if I can get a partner. Who's with me?




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