Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Taking the Bad with All the Good

Dear readers, I am illin'. How is it that a small child can vomit the contents of an entire day and be fine a few hours later, when we grownups get the slightest viral or other intestinal irregularity and are felled for an entire day?

It's actually been a while since I've been sick, sick enough to be concerned about disinfecting everything, anyway. My sister had some horrible variety of this malady a few weeks ago and all I could think of was, of course, what if? And if came, and so if had to call "X" who graciously carted sprightly well daughter to school. I did manage to get son to school for a camping trip, but the rest of the day, aside of said disinfecting, has been a few work emails and an attempt to reintroduce solids. And it appears to be a beautiful warm spring day -- not the kind of day that, if you're lucky enough to get one, you want to spend it inside on the couch sleeping to History Channel reruns.

Days like this I begin to appreciate just how much we all run around and overdo. It's a daily process at my house and more intense when my kids are here. Bit by bit I'm learning to carve out time for practicing while they do something else for a few minutes. But I don't usually give anything else up. An intense work environment, while wonderful, also adds to the pace.

And so every now and then, nature just comes up with a way to slow us down a bit. I'm not completely miserable, just underfed and underslept. The birds are singing, I have a job I really do enjoy, and the vanilla yogurt I'm eating feels pretty good. My kids' dad was understanding and came to the rescue when I know that he, as I do, always want to squeeze extra time in at the office when it's not a "kid week." I'm very fortunate.

And tired. So, hopefully I'll nap so that when I retrieve my busy little girl, I'll be able to keep up with her for a couple of nights of just us girls as big brother enjoys camping (hopefully virus free!). Yep, life is really pretty darn good.

I do enjoy the recordings of Jimmy Martin, who died just about a year ago. He was kind of the quintissential bluegrass singer complete with high lonesome vocals. This is a nice little tune that perfectly expresses how I feel. Hopefully I'll still feel this way next time.

The Good Things Out Weigh The Bad
Jimmy Martin

I've been sitting here thinking back over my life
All of the good thing the trouble and strife
Well my share of heartaches yes so many I've had
But I still think the good things out weigh the bad

Well I've rocked my babies at night when they'd cry
I've seen the teardrops turn into smiles
And that's when I realize all the bad luck I've had
And I know all the good things out weigh the bad

Well I've never had riches or money to spare
Just a share croppers wages is my only fare
Yes making my living just working the land
But I still think the good things out weigh the bad

Yes I worked the cotton in the heat of the day
And then paid the landlord nearly all that I'd made
Well I've seen high taxes take all that I had
But I still think the good things out weigh the bad


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