Monday, February 13, 2006

A Trad Valentine for My Beloved Reader(s)

I heard a funny quote over the weekend in an oddball video on Jim's blog. (I can't remember who said it, Walter someone, so you'll have to go enjoy the movie for yourselves. It's worth it.) Walter said, "The only way to know someone is to love them without hope." Story of my life.

This ballad, which I first heard live with perfect mountain intonation accompanied just as perfectly by a pining fiddle, was the one that captured my heart and stole me away forever. Music is my only true love; I wish for you a lover who embraces you as fiercely.

Love Is Teasin'
(Traditional, performed in the link below by Jean Ritchie, now in her late 80s. She is pictured at left with her father, many years ago of course. She is my favorite steward of the Appalachian ballad.)

Oh love is pleasin’, love is teasin’
Love’s a pleasure when first it’s new
But as love grows older, at length grows colder
And fades away like the mornin’ dew

I left my father, I left my mother
I left my brother and sister too
I left my home and kind relations
Left them all for the love of you

If I had known before I courted
That love was such a killin’ crime
I’d have wrapped my heart in a box of gold
And tied it up with a piece of twine


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