Monday, November 03, 2008

Is It Over Yet?

No, it's not. It doesn't really even start for another nine hours. I'm going to sleep for as many of those as I can, then pretend to work all day, then go to the fitness center and try not to hyperventilate. Then I don't know what I'll do.

I'm just ready for it all to be behind us so we can get on with the business of living again.

If you're voting, please remember, you're not voting for someone who is going to make you happy or solve your problems. You are voting to select the next leader of the United States, to represent all of us to foreign countries, to populate the United States Supreme Court, to declare or not to declare war, to invoke executive order to do many things without the blessing of Congress. You are not electing a celebrity, a drinking buddy, or someone who will solve the mortgage crisis or reduce Hamas to a sorry little heap in a matter of days. You are voting, and someone will win, and that someone will not act alone but will appoint a Cabinet to carry out the hallmarks of his administration beyond what is enacted by the next United States Congress.

This Presidential election is only the 56th consecutive such election in United States history. What a young nation we really are. In the case of victory on either side, it will be the first time that either a woman or an African-American will hold the highest or second-highest office in the nation. In addition to the Presidential election, there are senate races in 33 states.

But I'll still be glad when it's all over. On Wednesday I'll wake up ready to go to work the way I have been most every day for almost six out of the last eight years (I've been working longer but just took a little break after the first eleven). It might feel a little different at first but in the end I still fold my own laundry and pay my own bills. And that's what I plan to do no matter who gets elected, and so should you.

Good luck, America!


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