Tuesday, August 01, 2006

This Site's For YOU-- or, I guess, Y'all

Fellow blogspotter Jim (My Boring Best) recently wrote an interesting post sharing his frustration at "lurkers" -- blog visitors who come repeatedly but don't offer up anything to say, or worse, as in his case, are merely snooping about to discern whether he's offered up any tasty nuggets of personal data. While I can sympathize and think it's downright stinky that he has a virtual stalker, I admit his blog got me thinking about frustrations I have regarding my own blog, and where I had hoped it would lead.

For the Love of Bluegrass has a genuinely cool array of visitors. Some stop by fairly regularly without saying much, probably doing something along the lines of Jim's Lorain Lurker and maybe hoping I don't know who they are. Some are friends and family who check in, and sometimes chime in, with their own valuable offerings. And then there are those of you genuinely stumbling into FTLOB because you love the music. You're the whole reason I started this blog. You might stop by and spend quite a few minutes, but somehow I haven't been able to lure you to speak up.

My vision, such that it was with all the excuses I make about why it hasn't taken off, was that the blog would begin to create another online community of thoughtful fans who from all walks of life come here to set a spell and think and talk about the music we love. It's not as popular or sexy as MySpace. It's not a big operation like The Bluegrass Blog -- and those guys don't offer you much of a chance to say anything despite all the advertising. This blog is what it is, part distraction to bide my time here in the Midwest, part academic experiment, part attempt to reach out to others a little like me, and part writing exercise.

I'm not the beggin' kind, but please, if you play an instrument, have a blog of your own (I know I'm behind on updating my links -- so much for my summer project!), have stories to share, or want to expand on any topic, don't hold back! I'm also stepping back from some other commitments in order to focus on some of these efforts and am considering working with guest writers. Pretend it's a parking lot picking party or something, and just jump in!

Serious would-be contributors may contact me at jenluvstrad@gmail.com, where ideas for topics and features may also be sent.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


At August 01, 2006 8:38 PM, Blogger My Boring Best said...

Thanks for the mention!

I have to say that blogging isn't easy. I know that my main motivation isn't to have more and more readers, but a few more would be nice. None the less, I feel like I have to stick to the vision I have for the blog and not just start posting things to drive up the hits.

You blog is always an inspiration to me. It's easy to see you have a vision for it and that you stick with it. It feels like one unified whole, and that's a difficult thing to achieve in blogland.

Guest writers is a nice idea. I actually have been toying with that idea as well. Although, I don't think it will really make my blog more "popular," it might make it a little more easy on me at times.

I think that's part of the difficulty is that doing the blog takes time. Having something to say - every day or so - takes time. It's tough having an opinion or finding something to offer people on a near-daily basis. And if you don't post, they just stop coming. And that, is frustrating but understandable.

Guess I'm not a mega-blog or huge entertainment site. Guess I'm just me with my little blog. I try to be fun and useful and thought provoking. That's all I can do.

And that's all you can do I think. If you figure out a better way, lemme know. I can use a little advice on this. :-)

Either way, just know that your blog is appreciated for having something intelligent to offer and being fun and entertaining. At least you know I'll keep reading!


At August 02, 2006 6:04 AM, Blogger Mando Mama said...

Thanks for all your kind compliments. A faithful reader from the start, YOU can take credit for kicking my heinie into blogland.

I think that the same frustrations you mention -- having to come up with something new everyday, having to form an opinion on something almost every day, keeping everything whole and in sync -- are also some of the challenges that make it worth doing. There's an attraction in that stuff.

As an aside, I will say, I don't see either of us as the kind of people who can't come up with an opinion! Blogging is a career path for us! LOL!

Thanks for reading and chiming, and the continued inspiration.



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